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During the 90s, the Bonfire was mostly lead by Mrs. Ivy Castle as chairman, and Mr. Don Sargent as President, until his death in 1993, where the role was taken over for the rest of the 90s by his wife, Mrs. Nell Sargent. At the start of the year, Vice-Chairman Mr. Ronnie Smith stepped down, and through most of the 90s, until 98, the role was taken by Mr. Robert Emeleus. Other main changes was recent comer to the position, Ms. Sue Pennells was the Treasurer and remained so for all of the 90s, and Mr. Andy Longley stepped down as Membership Secretary in 1991, to be replaced by Mrs. Angela Mascord for the rest of the 90s. Monthly meetings also changed location from the Priory House Hotel to the 1066 in 1991.

This section features 1990 till 1999. The 1900s are also cut up into the following sections:


Fundraising was out in force with annual events such as the Horse Racing Night, Maggot racing and BBQ all at the 1066. There was also the Annual Funrun, Pub crawls and Sponsored walks.


In 1996, the year of our 350th Anniversary, there was a crisis and the years programme printed `Crisis Issue!` in large type. Fairly late in the year, we were told that due to health and safely issues, and building work on the Abbey, that we wer no longer able to use the Abbey Green to hold the bonfire event and fireworks, While the move was much unliked, it was something that had to happened sooner or later as the fireworks were getting bigger and bigger, the effigy louder and more and more crowds flocked in watch the event. At almost the last minute, we got the okay to hold that years event on the Battle Recreation ground for that year. However, things did not turn out the best and by the next year, we moved on to the Battle field behind the abbey. A symbolic bonfire, however, was allowed on the Abbey Green and carried on there for the remained of the 90s.

A Shot featuring many bonfire members, of the 1993 Effigy, not long after being set up on the Green
Photo by Angela Mascord

Another Shot of the 1993 Effigy with Fireworks being set up on the Abbey and some Cotswold Morris Dancers with Bonfire Members and Public around.
Photo by Angela Mascord

Building the Bonfire on the Battlefield in 1999
Photo by Angela Mascord

People including Soon to be chairman Nigel Stephens, gather at the Start of the Procession in 1999
Photo by Angela Mascord

Gathering around the Fire, well lit by this point from 1999
Photo by Angela Mascord